Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"My name is Matt. My father was an alcoholic circus clown who used to beat me with his oversize shoes."

A great story i saw on Rolling Stone (via boing boing) was an undercover reporter at a Mega-church retreat weekend. Matt Taibbi went undercover at a mega church in Texas for weeks and then went to an Encounter Weekend and lived to tell about it. its a hilarious and soemtimes frightening look inside the mind of the far right.

what i found most interesting is the whole process. Matt correctly points out that the whole weekend is just a jesus coated version of pop psychology and self-help seminars. it has you visualize your problems, see yourself as winner, play as a team etc etc. the outcome is that you attribute all these positive feelings to this new awesome cool swank group you now belong to. you follow your preacher cum guru and believe him because he helped you feel good before, so he MUST know what he's saying. group think at its finest.

read the article, its amazing.

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