Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Some Brain Food, Or 10 Questions for Atheists

Of course I'm an atheist so I don't really know what a non-atheist (a theist?) would ask. We need some starter questions for the Atheist on Atheism Panel, so suggest some more in the comments. Or answer these. Anyway, comment people!

1. Is atheism a religion?
2. Why do atheists demand proof of god's existance if they can't prove that god does not exist?
3. How did something as complex as the universe begin without a creator, and how can it be so fine-tuned for life?
4. Watches, cars, and computers are all designed, so how can atheists claim that something that is much more complex--the human body--was not a product of design?
5. Where does atheist morality come from?
6. Do you believe people have free will? (Without free will, how can we hold people responsible for their actions?)
7. There are so many things that science cannot explain at the moment, so isn't it possible there exists things--such as god or other supernatural entities--that science will never be able to explain?
8. What do you believe happens after you die?
9. Isn't being an atheist depressing?
10. What's wrong with people believing what they want to believe?

11. What if you're wrong about the nonexistence of god?
12. Why should atheists assert their beliefs to others?


Jordan Wade said...

I like these questions quite a bit. I think there will be no shortage of other questions coming from the audience, but the ones listed here seem to cover the FAQs as I have always heard them.

Dee W said...