Monday, January 21, 2008

Robertson playing...the short odds

Whilst i was digging through the the religious articles on the Virginia Pilot, i came across this little gem from Pat Robertson. I guess that Pattie loves to make predictions for the upcoming year every year, which are full of yule time cheer and terror usually.
heres the article
So here are his predictions going around for this year.

A Recession
Major stock market upheaval
Oil hitting 150 a barrel
"someone" will win the election but he's not telling because frankly Andy Rooney will make fun of him (seriously, he says that in the article)

I must say these are not predictions of biblical proportions, hell these are not predictions of mediocre proportions. The first prediction is kinda a easy one, as people are now shouting about it all over the papers, tv and intertewbs. The second is really probably going to be a result of the first. Neither take a genius/divinely inspired mediator/tv evangelist to predict because hey, with the brilliant fisical team that he helped to elect into office in 2000/4, we are planning on seeing a rather large economic down turn.

What i like about the article though is that the writer takes a properly skeptical approach and starts listing Robertsons very long list of failures. I can almost see the snarky face that he had when he began the list. delicious!

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