Monday, October 1, 2007

Isaah on Elzinga on Atheism

Hi, This is Isaah Im recording for posterity what is happening at the errr....Christian Fraternity Talk: Elzinga on Atheism at Newcomb Hall Theatre. Its packing up quite extensively....wish we had that kind of crowds. Freaking A. also lots of hot girls. I die alittle when I see a hot Christian. Okay.... A LOT.

We're in force here as well. Right now im in a ATHEIST BLOCK, a religious ghetto as it were. I see most of the council here tonight.

And now....the singing. Awesome. Im gonna pass on that. Not my thing. Im catholic, so ive done enough standing for a few lifetimes. STAND UP, SITDOWN, JUMP, STEP TO THE LEFT, SITDOWN, EAT BREAD. Its not that bad. Its just dark as shit in here. I think im disturbing the ambience with the light of my laptop. Dimming it. One Sec.

Alright, song two. Im just going to judge tempo. Not bad. Not really anything to dance to. These are catholics right? Where was this band at my church? I mean theres an acoustic guitar, how cool is that? And like drums. Question to the audience, does a Drummer in a church band get more booty than the rest of the band? Ah the unanswered questions of life. OH. THERE ARE WORDS ON THE OVERHEAD. I was wondering how everyone know these songs.

I am definitely impressed with the organization inherent in this production. i have just realized that I have written half a page here in about the same amount of time that I would spend writing a sentence in my thesis proposal. Guess its because I am enjoying this blogging thing. Hmmm I should just turn my camera and record this ..... one sec. Naw too much trouble. Anyways, Autumn Wade just informed me that someone was wiping a tear away. Perhaps im too shallow to cry but forget it. Sorry I just blacked out my screen out of respect for some praying. Frakking hellz, theyre doing the Move to the Center thing. THEY HAVE FILLED THE HOUSE. Congrats Chi Alpha. Its like a Star Wars premier with less body odor. And more women. Did I mention their hotness. Cause yeah. Purdy girls. (I die alittle more).

Ive now seen the Christian version of Greg Epstein. He definitely looks like gregs brother.

Alright. Theyre starting it up. The intro for Ken Elzinga. MC is definitely witty. And a Cubs fan. Ken definitely has teaching cred.

It begins.

Talk of opening lines. Moby dick. Peter Pan. Peanuts. Tale of Two Cities. And of course....IN THE BEGINGING, GOD CREATED THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH.

Talks about the promoting of atheist. Causes. So that's Hitchens, Dawkins, Harris. ETC. Talking about how bold, how loud etc. etc. And the surprise. Doesn't like the title of Hitches book, maybe it's the surtitle. NOW THERE FIRECODE ISSUES. WOW GUYS. WAY TO GO! Talk about two different philosophies. Atheism and Sorta Christianity. I think it's a false dichotomy so I sorta. Hindus anyone? Ancestor worship?

SO talks about harris book. One issue that god cannot be proven. Says that the creation of the world via evolution takes a greater step of faith than believing "god created man"

Talks about moral relativism and the problem of evil. Evil? I don't think Evil exists. I think there are bad things but not a metaphysical Evil? Talk about harris assertion that Christianity brings about evil. I wouldn't go as far as harris. Or as him


QUOTE MINING LIKE WOAH. SAGAN ETC. ah ehm. Says that we have a deep seated belief not to believe. And begins to say that we're just doubters. And its as old as time.

Hey we're eve. FUCK YEAH. Love apples and knowledge. Says we get satifaction about being superior and get off on it. BOO HISSSS.

So something about captaining. How life hardship drive us to religion. Or how atheists just turn our back down to people in trouble. Ive got a long list of people willing to help that are atheists. Hi? Me? Gates? Thousands of others who contribute to causes without an appeal to gods.

Ive zoned out. Ive gone off to googles the shit that is pouring out of his mouth. Something about how were selfish. And we're our own gods. And not ....ummm...helpful.

So he's wrapping up. Its more of an appeal to our 'emotional sensibilities' etc and

Another prayer. Looking up and down. And its like a sea of heads down. Questions.... I don't know where to start. Ill check with questions.

First one. ATHEISTS ...I think... WHOOO HOOO. A wave of high fives through the crowd. Kidding. Its fucking silence. It's a question about agnosticism. And what about that third row out of that original false duality.

Second A?A. HIGH FIVE. Why believe that the Christian viewpoint is superior? Says that the Christian belief doesn't claim do be superior, but actually true. Christianity is a Truth Claim. So if you accept the basic premise (Jesus is Lord), you'll have to take the rest of the (bullshit) Knowledge.

HIGH FIVE FOR JOEY. HES GOT THE NEXT Ah hem...question. Asks about the pursuit of knowledge rather than the acceptance of the this truth. Elzinga talks about coming to an end and not just pursuit. Says that Christianity provides that and ours does not. So is acceptance is a pursuit. Its like saying that now that ive subscribed to a theory wholey, im going to 'discover' the same damn pages.

Another atheist. WHERE THE HELL ARE ALL YOU GUYS AT MEETINGS? Anyways. Talks about how there was a set truth claim that Christians make but what about the truth claims that atheist make/are founded on. [Says that Elzinga only seems to set us as a set of character traits and not anything about the philosophy of atheism, except seemingly Harris's] Correction by him that its not just a life psych profile. Just saying that people say that about Christians and you can do the same to atheists. [which really dances right around the question]

Questions about how to bring Christ into your life and how to overcome laxity.

A interesting questions about the relationship between science (biological) and faith. Says hes sees no problem with doing both. Likes medicine and science. Problem with some of the uses, but its like all things. [Sees no incompatability with it. Mentions that he thinks that there are more atheists in the humanities than in the sciences...which I would flately reject as a scientist]

Whoops....zoned out. Something about North Korea and Catholicism or Christianity. **shruggles**


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Wow. that was my first liveblogging of an event. i really want to rewrite that sometime soon.